What is Odoo?

Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business apps that integrates all of your SME's software needs. With Odoo, you can manage your sales, finance, inventory, manufacturing, e-commerce and more from a single platform. 

Thanks to Odoo's modularity, you can customize the software to meet your unique business needs so you can optimize your operations, streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.

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Sales and customer management software

Customer centricity beyond the CRM

You have an integrated CRM, sales and helpdesk solution to streamline their customer interactions and deliver perfect customer experiences at every touch point. Odoo is the only tool your revenue team leverages to better help and understand your customer.


CRM is an essential tool for your sales team. It helps you manage leads, sales pipeline, customer data, activities and reporting. By leveraging the power of CRM, sales teams can improve their efficiency, productivity and revenue.


With the ability to create multiple price lists, generate stunning quotes and collect signatures online, you have everything you need to close deals faster and with more confidence.


The help desk provides a centralized platform for capturing and resolving customer issues. By gathering insights into customer needs and pain points, you can develop your products or services and make more informed decisions that benefit the customer.

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Logistics software

Optimize your supply chain

Optimize your supply chain with Odoo's logistics apps. Thanks to the extensive capabilities of these integrated apps, your system keeps a perfect overview of what's going on in your warehouses and production halls.

Odoo inkoop screenshot


The purchase app simplifies the entire procurement process for companies of all sizes. The app allows you to organize RFQs and tenders, quickly purchase inventory, or direct subcontractors to fulfill orders or produce.

With seamless integration with sales, inventory and accounting, dropship orders can be placed with your suppliers, you can automatically purchase at the risk of low inventory levels, and invoice control of your supplier invoices becomes easier than ever.

Odoo voorraad dashboard


The inventory module offers you a comprehensive solution for managing your inventory. You easily keep track of your inventory levels, you define order points, and you can manage and automate multiple warehouses and the flows between them.

The app also has barcode scanning capabilities so you can manage your inventory quickly and accurately. You can use the barcode scanners to record scheduled receipts or receptions, as well as to record immediate stock transfers between locations or warehouses or perform stock counts.

Odoo master productie schema


The production app offers you a complete solution for managing your production process. you can create and manage bills of materials, plan and schedule production orders, and track work orders in real time.

If your flow is not so straight forward, Odoo supports the flexible consumption of materials and the production of by-products. You track the efficiency of each workstation thanks to an easy-to-use tablet interface that your employees can use to track production steps and record time consumed and lot or serial numbers.

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